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Thelma (Farrington) Stone

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September 25, 1902 - November 1 1995

Posted By: Bradley Stone (stonebs)

(Shown: Thelma Stone with two of her grandchildren: Bradley & Leann Stone)

Thelma Stone (born Farrington) was born in 1902, to Harry Farrington (b: 1878) and Metta Farrington (born 1878, Nolan).  Thelma had two brothers: Fieldon Farrington (CBS writer, radio announcer and author) and Leo Farrington.  Leo was a "sickly child,"  became ill and passed away June 15, 1909 with scarlet fever two weeks before Fielden was born..

Thelma married Walter Stone (b: 1890) in1924, at age 22 in Indiana. Thelma and Walter had three children: Theodore ("Ted") Stone, Robert ("Bob") and Judith ("Judy").  The family moved from Indianapolis to a sturdy house inTerre Haute, IN in the 1940s.  Her two boys were very large at birth.  Forceps were used upon the delivery of Ted.  It damaged his brain, and he spent most of his short life in an "institution."  Robert (1929-2016) married Lois Strattan and settled in Morgantown, IN.  Judy (1936-present) married William White and lived in New Palestine area.

Thelma was gentle-natured, was a schoolteacher, and truly had a passion for children.  She worshipped at Christian churches all her life.  I don't know of anyone who had a harsh word to say about her.

After several years of failing health, Thelma passed away in 1995 in New Palestine, Indiana, at age 93.  She is buried in Roselawn Cemetery in Terre Haute, Indiana.

(Submitted by grandson, Bradley S. Stone)